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Matjie Masha Babylon Travellers

Babylon Travellers is a multi service organization offering the following activities:

a) Tourism & Travel Services

b) Events  Managementc

) Tours (Customized, Township & Cultural Tours)

d)  Development (crafts & corporate gifts)

e) Cultural Entertainment (dancers, drama, poets, etc)

f) Business Consultancy & Motivational Speaking (in Tourism Businesses) and

f) General Trading 


The organization was established in 2009 by a person who has an intensive knowledge of the Business World and especially the Tourism & Hospitality Industry as well as Event Management Services.    


The organization’s physical address is at Meropa Casino & Entertainment World. 


Events Management & Hospitality Services:

(a) General Coordination and Management of Corporate, Social and  Special Events.  

(b) Fundraising for special Events and projects

(c) Provide Entertainmnet service for  ourdoor activities

(d)Coaching  and Mentorship of new businesses 


The following experiences are offered:

a) Cultural Villages’ Visits

b) Township (including Tavern/Shebeen) Visits

c) School Tours

d) Special Tours (e.g.   Social, Family, Corporate, etc) 


Local community members’ crafts are marketed and sold to the market through crafts shops available at Meropa Casino Complex, Flea Market events as well as while on Tours in order to expose the different talents available within the Province. 

Cultural Entertainment:

(a) Assists in developing local cultural dancers/entertainers to reach the acceptable standards (e.g. getting sponsors for uniform, drums, etc.)

(b) Assist in marketing and administration services of the groups on database 

Consultancy Services:

(a) Offer advises on Tourism Businesses (e.g. how to start a tourism business, tourism career path for Tourism Students, etc)

(b) Motivational Speaking: specially at Tourism Related Events and Schools’ Year Ending Functions 

General Trading 5. AWARDS RECEIVED: OWNERS Masha JM

a) Tourism Good Samaritan 1997(Limpopo Province)

b) Merit Award for “Best Student in Class” (Damelin) 1997

c) Honours Award for “Top Student” (Damelin) 1997

d) R200.00 Award “Top Student” from Chamber of Business 1997

e) ETEYA (Emerging Tourism Enterpreneur of the Year Award)  


(a) Meropa 2010 World Cup’s “Can You Feel It” event held on 30/04/2010

(b) Meropa 2010 Cultural Entertainment between 11 June – 11 July 2010

(c) Meropa CSI Project: Handing-Over of Sponsored goods (worth R100 000.00) to Cultural Dancers (as secured ) on 30/04/2010

(d) Meropa Casino Food, Fashion & Music 3 day Festival 03-05 June 2011

(e) Limpopo First Lady Trust – Fundraising Coordinator 2010 to end April 2012 

(f) Limpopo Childline – Fundraising & Event Management 2010 – end April 2012